Gethsemane Baptists Church was founded in 1939 out of the 500 member congregation of Metropolitan Baptist Church by the late Reverend Dr. D. Richard Page. For about four years services were held in the Annex of the now historic Orchard Street Methodist Episcopal Church. In the early 1940s, the church purchased the building belonging to the United Church of Christ to serve as their new location. The church also purchased a house which served as the parsonage for Dr. Page and his family. When Dr. Page passed away in 1953, his son, Reverend Oliver F. Page was elected pastor. He pastored the church until 1984 when he had to retire for health reasons. Reverend Dr. John R. Scott, Jr, who had been previously serving as co-pastor, became the pastor of the church and maintained this position for 15 years. Reverend Scott retired in 2007, and in August of 2010, Reverent Vaughn C. Greene was elected as pastor.  In 2018 the church elected Reverend Donald Wright Jr. as it's fifth pastor.


 We thank God for the leaders and members of Gethsemane Baptist Church and remember our founding members upon whose foundation we continue to build.


Gethsemane Baptist Church is located in the heart of west Baltimore in the Penn-North community. Our church bridges the gap of christ and community through many of our ministries. 


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